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T.D.D. Supportive living was founded in 2018 as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Corporation, that currently provides shared supportive housing for the re-entry community. Our mission is to empower the community from recidivism while providing them safe and secure housing. 



1) Respect: Treat all people with dignity and respect.


2) Diversity: Embrace inherent differences and focus on community.


3) Ethics: Embrace the ethics, trust and integrity.

4) Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest level of responsibility and accountability in our work

5) Excellence: Deliver the highest quality products and services

6) Flexibility: Be agile to adapt to change

7) Innovation: Embrace continuous improvement and change

8): Service: Be of benefits to the people we serve, the public and stakeholders

9) Collaborations: Foster ongoing relationships with community partners and philanthropists.

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T.D.D. Supportive Living Inc

A Home For A Second Chance

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Deborah Roberson


     Deborah knows the daily struggles and barriers that the unhoused face

all too well, through her own lived experience substance abuse, incarceration and being unhoused. Those struggles and barriers have helped to mold her into the strong Elevated Black Female Leader that she is today.

      During Deborah's recovery, she was able to save enough money to purchase a multi-unit property in 2011. The Property was the start of her journey to breaking down barriers and assisting those who are struggling with housing and re-entering into society. This location was Deborah's first site, there she provides a 6 bed, shared setting, where Participants can develop the life skills necessary to live independently and to maintain their sobriety.

      Deborah has been sober for over 20 years and in this time she has become a Property Owner, an Entrepreneur, a Case Manager, a Certified Anger Management Facilitator, and an Elevated Black Leader. In 2018 she founded T.D.D. Supportive Living Inc.  T.D.D. Supportive Living Inc "The Home for Second Chances" has a 29 bed shared Bridge and Transitional housing site in Los Angeles where we believe that educating and teaching our communities  life skills, is a positive way for the community to thrive. 

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Pride Flag

We Welcome & Support the LGBTQIA2+ Community 

T.D.D. Supportive Living Inc. provides a safe, supportive, respectful &

non- judgmental environment for the LGBTQ2+ community. 


"Dreams Can Come True"


Our Approach

We Provide resources that offer support to our participants, as well as promote and implement a monthly activity calendar that structures our daily routines.
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Support & Education

This is our Bridge and Transitional site, here we provide supportive services  that will help our participants reach their goals. 

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Work Source Area

Participants can create their resumes and look for jobs.

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Safe Space Room

Where the Department of Mental Health, The County of Los Angeles Probation Departments, IMCS and other Vendors can meet privately with their clients

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Our Classroom

The Classroom is where we promote Education, Anger Management and Life Skills.

            T.D.D. Participates in 
Community Outreach Events

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